Diacritic combinations for Rohingya

Base character = ['d803', 'dd01']: 𐴁

5 Diacritics: [u'\U00010d22 (10d22)', u'\U00010d23 (10d23)', u'\U00010d24 (10d24)', u'\U00010d25 (10d25)', u'\U00010d26 (10d26)']

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Base + combining code points

First combiner is the row and 2nd is the column

𐴢 (10d22) 𐴣 (10d23) 𐴤 (10d24) 𐴥 (10d25) 𐴦 (10d26)
𐴢 (10d22) 𐴁𐴢𐴢 𐴁𐴢𐴣 𐴁𐴢𐴤 𐴁𐴢𐴥 𐴁𐴢𐴦
𐴣 (10d23) 𐴁𐴣𐴢 𐴁𐴣𐴣 𐴁𐴣𐴤 𐴁𐴣𐴥 𐴁𐴣𐴦
𐴤 (10d24) 𐴁𐴤𐴢 𐴁𐴤𐴣 𐴁𐴤𐴤 𐴁𐴤𐴥 𐴁𐴤𐴦
𐴥 (10d25) 𐴁𐴥𐴢 𐴁𐴥𐴣 𐴁𐴥𐴤 𐴁𐴥𐴥 𐴁𐴥𐴦
𐴦 (10d26) 𐴁𐴦𐴢 𐴁𐴦𐴣 𐴁𐴦𐴤 𐴁𐴦𐴥 𐴁𐴦𐴦