Diacritic combinations for Tai Ahom

Base character = ['d805', 'df00']: 𑜀

15 Diacritics: [u'\U0001171d (1171d)', u'\U0001171e (1171e)', u'\U0001171f (1171f)', u'\U00011720 (11720)', u'\U00011721 (11721)', u'\U00011722 (11722)', u'\U00011723 (11723)', u'\U00011724 (11724)', u'\U00011725 (11725)', u'\U00011726 (11726)', u'\U00011727 (11727)', u'\U00011728 (11728)', u'\U00011729 (11729)', u'\U0001172a (1172a)', u'\U0001172b (1172b)']

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Base + combining code points

First combiner is the row and 2nd is the column

𑜝 (1171d) 𑜞 (1171e) 𑜟 (1171f) 𑜠 (11720) 𑜡 (11721) 𑜢 (11722) 𑜣 (11723) 𑜤 (11724) 𑜥 (11725) 𑜦 (11726) 𑜧 (11727) 𑜨 (11728) 𑜩 (11729) 𑜪 (1172a) 𑜫 (1172b)
𑜝 (1171d) 𑜀𑜝𑜝 𑜀𑜝𑜞 𑜀𑜝𑜟 𑜀𑜝𑜠 𑜀𑜝𑜡 𑜀𑜝𑜢 𑜀𑜝𑜣 𑜀𑜝𑜤 𑜀𑜝𑜥 𑜀𑜝𑜦 𑜀𑜝𑜧 𑜀𑜝𑜨 𑜀𑜝𑜩 𑜀𑜝𑜪 𑜀𑜝𑜫
𑜞 (1171e) 𑜀𑜞𑜝 𑜀𑜞𑜞 𑜀𑜞𑜟 𑜀𑜞𑜠 𑜀𑜞𑜡 𑜀𑜞𑜢 𑜀𑜞𑜣 𑜀𑜞𑜤 𑜀𑜞𑜥 𑜀𑜞𑜦 𑜀𑜞𑜧 𑜀𑜞𑜨 𑜀𑜞𑜩 𑜀𑜞𑜪 𑜀𑜞𑜫
𑜟 (1171f) 𑜀𑜟𑜝 𑜀𑜟𑜞 𑜀𑜟𑜟 𑜀𑜟𑜠 𑜀𑜟𑜡 𑜀𑜟𑜢 𑜀𑜟𑜣 𑜀𑜟𑜤 𑜀𑜟𑜥 𑜀𑜟𑜦 𑜀𑜟𑜧 𑜀𑜟𑜨 𑜀𑜟𑜩 𑜀𑜟𑜪 𑜀𑜟𑜫
𑜠 (11720) 𑜀𑜠𑜝 𑜀𑜠𑜞 𑜀𑜠𑜟 𑜀𑜠𑜠 𑜀𑜠𑜡 𑜀𑜠𑜢 𑜀𑜠𑜣 𑜀𑜠𑜤 𑜀𑜠𑜥 𑜀𑜠𑜦 𑜀𑜠𑜧 𑜀𑜠𑜨 𑜀𑜠𑜩 𑜀𑜠𑜪 𑜀𑜠𑜫
𑜡 (11721) 𑜀𑜡𑜝 𑜀𑜡𑜞 𑜀𑜡𑜟 𑜀𑜡𑜠 𑜀𑜡𑜡 𑜀𑜡𑜢 𑜀𑜡𑜣 𑜀𑜡𑜤 𑜀𑜡𑜥 𑜀𑜡𑜦 𑜀𑜡𑜧 𑜀𑜡𑜨 𑜀𑜡𑜩 𑜀𑜡𑜪 𑜀𑜡𑜫
𑜢 (11722) 𑜀𑜢𑜝 𑜀𑜢𑜞 𑜀𑜢𑜟 𑜀𑜢𑜠 𑜀𑜢𑜡 𑜀𑜢𑜢 𑜀𑜢𑜣 𑜀𑜢𑜤 𑜀𑜢𑜥 𑜀𑜢𑜦 𑜀𑜢𑜧 𑜀𑜢𑜨 𑜀𑜢𑜩 𑜀𑜢𑜪 𑜀𑜢𑜫
𑜣 (11723) 𑜀𑜣𑜝 𑜀𑜣𑜞 𑜀𑜣𑜟 𑜀𑜣𑜠 𑜀𑜣𑜡 𑜀𑜣𑜢 𑜀𑜣𑜣 𑜀𑜣𑜤 𑜀𑜣𑜥 𑜀𑜣𑜦 𑜀𑜣𑜧 𑜀𑜣𑜨 𑜀𑜣𑜩 𑜀𑜣𑜪 𑜀𑜣𑜫
𑜤 (11724) 𑜀𑜤𑜝 𑜀𑜤𑜞 𑜀𑜤𑜟 𑜀𑜤𑜠 𑜀𑜤𑜡 𑜀𑜤𑜢 𑜀𑜤𑜣 𑜀𑜤𑜤 𑜀𑜤𑜥 𑜀𑜤𑜦 𑜀𑜤𑜧 𑜀𑜤𑜨 𑜀𑜤𑜩 𑜀𑜤𑜪 𑜀𑜤𑜫
𑜥 (11725) 𑜀𑜥𑜝 𑜀𑜥𑜞 𑜀𑜥𑜟 𑜀𑜥𑜠 𑜀𑜥𑜡 𑜀𑜥𑜢 𑜀𑜥𑜣 𑜀𑜥𑜤 𑜀𑜥𑜥 𑜀𑜥𑜦 𑜀𑜥𑜧 𑜀𑜥𑜨 𑜀𑜥𑜩 𑜀𑜥𑜪 𑜀𑜥𑜫
𑜦 (11726) 𑜀𑜦𑜝 𑜀𑜦𑜞 𑜀𑜦𑜟 𑜀𑜦𑜠 𑜀𑜦𑜡 𑜀𑜦𑜢 𑜀𑜦𑜣 𑜀𑜦𑜤 𑜀𑜦𑜥 𑜀𑜦𑜦 𑜀𑜦𑜧 𑜀𑜦𑜨 𑜀𑜦𑜩 𑜀𑜦𑜪 𑜀𑜦𑜫
𑜧 (11727) 𑜀𑜧𑜝 𑜀𑜧𑜞 𑜀𑜧𑜟 𑜀𑜧𑜠 𑜀𑜧𑜡 𑜀𑜧𑜢 𑜀𑜧𑜣 𑜀𑜧𑜤 𑜀𑜧𑜥 𑜀𑜧𑜦 𑜀𑜧𑜧 𑜀𑜧𑜨 𑜀𑜧𑜩 𑜀𑜧𑜪 𑜀𑜧𑜫
𑜨 (11728) 𑜀𑜨𑜝 𑜀𑜨𑜞 𑜀𑜨𑜟 𑜀𑜨𑜠 𑜀𑜨𑜡 𑜀𑜨𑜢 𑜀𑜨𑜣 𑜀𑜨𑜤 𑜀𑜨𑜥 𑜀𑜨𑜦 𑜀𑜨𑜧 𑜀𑜨𑜨 𑜀𑜨𑜩 𑜀𑜨𑜪 𑜀𑜨𑜫
𑜩 (11729) 𑜀𑜩𑜝 𑜀𑜩𑜞 𑜀𑜩𑜟 𑜀𑜩𑜠 𑜀𑜩𑜡 𑜀𑜩𑜢 𑜀𑜩𑜣 𑜀𑜩𑜤 𑜀𑜩𑜥 𑜀𑜩𑜦 𑜀𑜩𑜧 𑜀𑜩𑜨 𑜀𑜩𑜩 𑜀𑜩𑜪 𑜀𑜩𑜫
𑜪 (1172a) 𑜀𑜪𑜝 𑜀𑜪𑜞 𑜀𑜪𑜟 𑜀𑜪𑜠 𑜀𑜪𑜡 𑜀𑜪𑜢 𑜀𑜪𑜣 𑜀𑜪𑜤 𑜀𑜪𑜥 𑜀𑜪𑜦 𑜀𑜪𑜧 𑜀𑜪𑜨 𑜀𑜪𑜩 𑜀𑜪𑜪 𑜀𑜪𑜫
𑜫 (1172b) 𑜀𑜫𑜝 𑜀𑜫𑜞 𑜀𑜫𑜟 𑜀𑜫𑜠 𑜀𑜫𑜡 𑜀𑜫𑜢 𑜀𑜫𑜣 𑜀𑜫𑜤 𑜀𑜫𑜥 𑜀𑜫𑜦 𑜀𑜫𑜧 𑜀𑜫𑜨 𑜀𑜫𑜩 𑜀𑜫𑜪 𑜀𑜫𑜫